Mike Williams value down with Gates in?

Thoughts here does the value go down with gates in to vulture the red zone looks?

Came here to ask this same question. have Mike Williams as a bench stash and theres a few guys on the wire i would like to take a shot on if we think his value is going to be hurt enough.

As a Chargers fan, I have watched Gates decline year by year (no disrespect intended-the man is a HOFer and still has crazy hands). He will definitely get his redzone looks, but last season he looked more sluggish on the field than usual. I think they want to integrate Williams as a redzone threat now that he is healthy. Obviously Gates will syphon away some targets across the board, but not enough to deter me from taking a flyer on Willy

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^^ Agreed!

As a fellow fan I’m glad to hear you have a similar view to what I was thinking - just needed that reassurance! Totally agree, Gates is first ballot HOFer and rightly so but he’s not the future he’s there as insurance and I believe as you say it will be counter productive to not fully integrate Williams into that type of role along with the full offense in general.

I’ve got Williams on the bench as my stash and will keep him just wanted to see if anyone had a drastically different take to share

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Williams value 100% goes down with return of gates. I am a big Williams fan but we can’t ignore the fact that Gates is incredibly effective in the red zone. Last year in the 2 games without henry, Gates had a TE leading stat line. Regardless of how good we think Williams is, the fact that the chargers brought back Gates has me worried. Williams was never going to rack up the yards to make him startable, so with Gates vulturing TDs, I am personally pretty worried.

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What do you think about dropping Mike Williams for a guy like Jordan Wilkins? I’ve never been high on Mack, and who knows… Wilkins could surprise and never let that job go. DJ Moore is my other WR stash and my WR depth is solid with Diggs, Baldwin, Hogan, and Marquis Goodwin.

I just hate the fact Williams was already behind Gordon and Keenan Allen for targets, no throw in Gates vulturing in the red zone… idk. think the upside has gone down tremendously for Williams

Wouldn’t mind that at all. I do want a piece of the colts backfield. Can’t say I know who the best guy to own is but at this point, might as well pick your horse and run with it.

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Meh. More than enough redzone looks to go around.