Mike Williams Value

I’m interested in putting an offer out for Mike Williams in my league. How much more is he worth than a 2020 1st round rookie pick?

My roster is:

RB - Cook, Mack, Montgomery, Sanders, L.Murray, Hyde, Justice Hill, Singletary
WR - Hopkins, A.Brown, Kupp, Godwin, Tate, Crowder, D.Hamilton, Hardman, D.Parker

Left a few minor guys out but that’s the bulk of my team in those positions

Honestly I may go a different route and see if you can off load veteran talent that could be fading.

I would try trading Tate + 2020 2nd for Williams… keep your first round pick as your rbs are okay but may need to bolster them next draft.

first round pick is a decent starting point and depending on the person your trading pairing that with L murray or crowder to start…work you way from there… better start slightly lower and come up then it is to over pay.

Tate is worth very little right now in dynasty . The time to trade him is in-season. And I don’t think Tate and a rookie 2nd would get it done for a savoy franchise manager.

But I agree with @boardereric9, start with a 2020 1st. Firsts are highly valued right now.

Thanks guys.

My 2020 2nd is wrapped up in another potential deal so that can’t be moved currently. Tate is worth so little and I plan on trying to compete (Rodgers is my QB) so Tate might be worth more to me than to another team.

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