Mike Williams vs John Brown in PPR?

Morning ballers, so what are your thoughts between Williams vs Brown? FYI I read Allen slated to play in case it matters. Both have great matchups but I worry SD might not need to throw as much so unsure. Josh Gordon also an option but gonna wait on starting him until I see him play.

Rest of roster-

J Goff
J Howard
J Williams (or A Jones, another good question! Damn I need Mixon back!)
A Brown
TY Hilton
E Ebron (over Njoku)
Jags DST

Thoughts appreciated, thanks in advance!

I’d probably play Brown over Williams but I like both. I would also play Aaron Jones over Jamaal Williams. Neither are great plays but Jones has much more upside

You;re right, I agree and just swapped out for Jones. He already had most carries last week and gets great matchup- even if they split equal, he’s most likely to break big plays.

Still waffling like a mofo on the WRs bc I also like both.