Mike Williams Vs Larry Fitzgerald PPR

I have this decision. Larry Fitz has been ok the last 4-5 weeks. Would you consider playing Mike Williams against KC and does Melvin Gordon’s situation sway you in any direction.

Williams has the better matchup, higher over/under, and the better QB and offense. But Fitz is the #1 in AZ


Ballers rankings have Fitz way ahead for your information.

I would go with Mike Williams here. Atlanta recently hasn’t been as good of a match up against receivers as the season long numbers would suggest, and the Cardinals offense is struggling hard. Williams has much higher touchdown upside which I think is what you are looking for when digging this deep at receiver. The Gordon situation doesn’t really sway anything for me personally.

I’m leaning towards Williams too as I am a slight underdog in my matchup and need the boom factor. Does Eric Berry being active and playing have an impact on the deep routes that Williams runs?

That’s what I’m working with.

Berry being back could certainly help the Chiefs defense as a whole, but I don’t specifically think it affects Mike Williams more than anyone else. I don’t expect Berry to have any extra focus on him. Plus it sounds like he might not be playing full time this week even, so I wouldn’t look to hard into that.

Chargers just added a RB from the practice squad. Looks like Gordon may not suit up. Can’t hurt the passing game. Plus I’d imagine the Chargers should be losing for most of this game.

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Would Daesean Hamilton be a better option than Williams? Hamilton is in the Manny Sanders role.

Thank you Mr. Mike Williams!