@MikeMeUpp Appreciation Post

Looks like a lot of us look forward to your input in any topic.
Just a quick note to say, hey man, really appreciate you.


Every post i make i hope he comments :laughing: , even if he shreds me/ a poster apart i genuninely take his opinion heavily into consideration on any moves, start/sits, and ROS outlook

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Thanks guys. Glad I can help.

@jtess72 don’t take it personally. I’m a bit rough around the edges out here. I apologize in advance.


@MikeMeUpp guy is a great dude. great insight, advice, outlooks, and humor. thanks for everything you’ve done to help me as well Mike.

This is great gotta love the community here!

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@MikeMeUpp gives the right advise and says it the way it is. No sugar coating. I most often request and tag him on my posts for comments. Thanks man…

I definitely have to get in on some footclan leagues next year. Been listening for years but this is the first year where i regularly comb the forums on a daily basis. The community here is fantastic.

9-5 desk jobs will do that to a guy lol