Miles Sanders for Diontae Johnson?

PPR Team Below. Need some RB depth think i like it let me know your thoughts.

QB - Tom Brady
WR 1 - Deandre Hopkins
WR 2 - Justin Jefferson
RB 1 - Derrick Henry
RB 2 - D’Andre Swift
TE - Irv Smith Jr.
Flex - Allen Robinson II
Flex - Diontae Johnson
DEF - Washington

BE -
Ja’Marr Chase
Brandin Cooks
Will Fuller V
Cole Beasley
Curtis Samuel
Jamaal Williams

Personally I wouldn’t get rid of Diontae for Sanders. Diontae is a target magnet for Big Ben.

Yeah, seems a little steep. You don’t have a RB emergency, so I think I’d wait until after the season starts. Once people realize that Brandin Cooks is about to put up his sixth 1000 yard season in seven years, you might be able to get some RB depth for him, and not have to touch your starters.

i dont like sanders or eagles offensive players much this year outside of devonta smith, I see dionte as a stable no 3 wr on your team, and he has stability with upside. dont like the upside of sanders. that ship has kinda sailed. If your looking for a rb, id think you could do better

Too steep in PPR. Eagles staff is talking like they are going to go committee approach. If Gainwell slots in with Sanders and Scott as the season progresses that’s going to make it even worse.

I’d hold tight for now or try to get someone a little better than Sanders.