Miles Sanders for Joe MIxon? Trade offer

I was just offered Joe Mixon for Miles Sanders


Whatcha guys think?

Depends on if you are consistently starting Sanders or not.

Mixon is probably a little more consistent, but has a limited upside this year with his awful line.

Sanders doesn’t get consistent touches but has a higher ceiling and if Howard would ever go down he could be a top 15 RB.

That being said if you are planning on starting one a majority of the time I like Mixon more, if they are just going to be a bench stash I might lean Sanders.

my other RBs are: Kamara, Kerryon, White, Sanders, Singletary

he said hell also take Singletary instead

Don’t trade Singletary. Looking at you roster I’d do Sanders for Mixon tbh.

bumping this up again

I wouldn’t want any part of the Joe Mixon misery party