Miles Sanders for Jonathan Taylor?

2RB, 2WR, 2 Flex, .5PPR

Looking at moving Miles Sanders for Jonathan Taylor + one of the following:

Brandon Aiyuk
Zach Ertz
Cole Beasley

WR depth is ok (Golladay, Chark, Hilton, Crowder, Gage, Higgins)
TE I have Fant and Gesicki so not ideal
RB is pretty thin (Kamara, Sanders, Peterson, Freeman)


I traded sanders for Taylor after the breakout, and I haven’t felt good or bad about it haha. I think going forward, I still like Taylor a little more than sanders bc of the offensive line in Indy. I don’t love any of those other pieces though, and I’d be hesitant to drop someone for them.

Better outlook for Taylor going forward. I’d do it. If you can get Ertz for it too thats just a bonus.