Miles Sanders or Kenyan Drake?

I was offered a straight up trade for me to acquire Drake and send Sanders. I’m on the fence especially after the Sanders injury and the “My Guy” episode. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

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Drake > Sanders. Sanders is hurt and I don’t believe in PHI backfield, no matter what they say. I’m not excited about either of these options, but I expect Sanders to be the hype train that finds out the tunnel was painted on by a coyote.

I like Sanders more, right now. Drake was good when he switched teams, and could continue to be, but he was not good in Miami. On the other hand, Sanders always looks good while on the field. To me, Sanders barely beats drake

If this is dynasty, then definitely Sanders. If this is redraft, then whoever you believe in more this season. I think both are going to be extremely valuable this year

Yeh Both have injury doubts. I have both in a Dynasty team and am worried neither will finish the season. I think Cards could be better option thanks to Eagles O-Line slowly dying. But that may force eagles to check down and pass to the RBs more. I think PPR lean towards Sanders. Dynasty Sanders. Standard Drake.

assuming redraft, it is a toss up; depends which one has less injury this year. so make sure you get the handcuff either way.

i’m going Drake in drafts given the option