Miles sanders pickup?

So someone dropped Miles Sanders in our league was wondering if I should grab him and if so who I should drop.

I have

Deandre Hopkins
Mike Williams
Geronimo Allison
Larry Fitz
Curtis Samuel
Courtland Sutton

David Johnson
Kerryon Johnson
Devonta Freeman
Phillip Lindsay
Austin Ekler

Dak Prescott
Russel Wilson

Greg Olsen
Jordan Reed

Honestly leaning Courtland Sutton If I’m dropping anyone, but I’m not sure maybe drop one of my tight ends

I put this in waivers but clearly that’s a dead forum page :joy: so sorry for repost

I would drop Allison for sanders…you have alot of depth at wide receiver and Allison outcome is capped compared to Sutton who could break out. During the season you are not starting allison over hop/fitz/williams/samuel and sanders could end up as a solid RB2 mid way through the season…other options is drop one of the older TE and grab some one late when you need too

Yeah I was thinking of dropping Olsen the more I think about it.

Dropping Sutton just feels wrong; I’m also a broncos fan so I have that small little fan screaming to keep him haha

I like Allison too though that’s why I’m leaning more to Greg Olsen, everyone in my league basically has two tight ends already so I’m not super worried about streaming that position

Well yes you should definitely try to scoop him up. I’d be looking at dropping one of Allison/Sutton or one of your TEs.

Miles Sanders has tremendous posible upside so i would pick him up - youll have to be patient though

As a Broncos fan I would DEFINETLY drop Sutton - Unless he is traded he is going to be of little to NO use - Denvers offense is going nowhere - only possible fantasy value is Lindsay.

ALLISON: i would not drop him until i KNOW he is not Aaron Rogers number 2 and even if hes 3rd in the depth chart he could have good upside on certain weeks…

Greg Olsen: sure 2 TE seem like much but i have a funny feeling Panthers offense is going to be awesome this year and so his usage while it will be less than other seasons it also means his injury risk is a bit less…and he has a very good history with Super Cam… In my redraft league im waiting on TE and drafting Olsen in the last rounds