Miles Sanders Trade

I have Miles Sanders and im thinking about offering a trade. Would you rather have Miles Sanders and the 1.08, or the 1.02 and the 1.04?

Personally I’d stick with Sanders and the 8. At the four spot you’d likely be left with Akers/Swift and i think Sanders is in a much better situation than either of those guys. Will have to see how Pederson plans to use him this year and hopefully can use him in more passing down situations. Lions backfield is crowded AF rn

At the 8 you could snag a potential ruggs or jefferson


Its always tough with rookies and whether or not they will pan out. Sanders had a great rookie year, especially the back half. at the 1.02 you are getting CEH or JT which is soild. The 1.04 is either Dobbins or Akers/Swift. All decent but with Sanders there is only Boston Scott and has everything going for him to really break out. 1.08 you can add solid WR or maybe Vaughn? It all depends on you RB situation and whether or not you are competing. For me Im probably sticking with Sanders and the 1.08 but its not a bad trade either.