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Miller for Montgomery


Miller for ty Montgomery I know everyone is high on ty but is he really worth Lamar Miller I’m currently the Miller owner


I’d take Montgomery. Miller might have a better situation with Watson at QB but I’d still go Montgomery.


montgomery, more TDs


Yes, regardless of format but if PPR HELL YES. I would much rather have Aaron Rodgers’ starting RB that the starting RB on a Texans team that very well could be just as dysfunctional on offense this year as it was last year, and the year before that…aaaand the year before that…aaaaa…well you see where I’m going w/ this. You know GB is gonna rack up the TD’s over the course of the season and Montgomery is def gonna get his share.

Is it super hot takey to say I think Montgomery is gonna get more TDs than Jordy this season? Because I have a feeling that’s what’s gonna happen. And if that happens he’ll definitely be scoring more–possibly MUCH more-- than Miller.


here is the current trade so I guess I’ll be pushing accept haha


Hurns is a a good addition over agholor. Good trade!


Definitely accept. Agholor may put up more than burns but the difference will likely be negligible. Ty Montgomery will outproduce miller by a wide margin when it’s all said and done because he’s on a better offense.