Miller for Sanders and Dion Lewis?

Hey Footclan, I need your opinion. Would you trade Lamar Miller for Emmanuel Sanders and Dion Lewis or Brandin Cooks and Buck Allen?

Standard Format 10 Ten Team League

QB: Mahomes, Stafford
RB Kamara, Hunt, Miller, Crowell,
WR: Diggs, Fitzgerald, Hogan, Godwin, Agholor, Goodwin, Davis
TE: Kittle

I’d do Sanders and Lewis. Not Cooks and Allen.

Well, I can see it being done, rather. I might try to go Cooks over Sanders.


God I miss 10 team leagues, I’m in 12 and it’s so bleak.
I find this difficult choice and think I’d be happy with either.
Allen seems to be stealing the job from Collins and I’d rather have Cooks over Sanders (although either aren’t bad).
But despite what’s going on in Tennessee Lewis has better match ups.

Having checked your bye weeks I’d go with Allen and Cooks because your wr’s aren’t great at the mo and in week 10 you’d lose Diggs and Sanders.

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Yeah, I guess it’s not bad either way. I just think J. Allen will end up with a season like last year’s, which was low RB2. Alex Collins is a better RB and is the guy they have relied on in goalline situations. I don’t see why that would change outside of an injury to Collins.

If you took Cooks and Allen do you think my RBs take a major hit or do you think my team could win without miller?

Not a major one. You already have Kamara and Hunt, so I don’t see you even playing anybody over them the entire season aside from during their respective Bye weeks.

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Yeah I don’t hate either and I’d tend to agree.
With Hunt and Kamara you aren’t worrying about the rest week to week but I prefer plugging in Allen over Lewis on those bye weeks again for Kamara and and Hunt looking at match ups.
I dunno Titans just worry me at the moment.

I wouldn’t worry about giving up Miller, I think either of these trades you win.


If you could make it Cooks and Lewis then I would do it. I also don’t hate Sanders though.