Miller or Justin Jackson (if Gordons out)

Needing some advice on who to start as a RB2. Lamar Miller or Justin Jackson (If Gordon) is out? And for the Flex position, do you start whichever RB you choose or Edelman?

This might be a cheap answer that is cheating, but I think it depends what you are looking for. Justin Jackson has proven nothing at the NFL level, so i would go with Miller in a decent matchup with volume over Jackson. However, if you need upside that is not what Miller is known for. Jackson is in a beautiful matchup and could blow up. Likewise I would choose Edelman over Jackson if you want a floor play, but Jackson’s upside could make me lean that way if that’s what I need.

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Miller and its not even close. Even if Jackson plays, The Chargers will have to throw a lot. They aren’t going to put the win on the shoulders of a 3rd string RB. This is a big game.

In this senecio I’d play miller. Big fan of JJ and if Gordon sits more so but vs the Jets Miller is the safer play for sure