Miller or Kamara ROS?

Trying to trade up on a RB with either Kamara or Miller as part of the deal. Who do you think has a better ROS schedule? Full PPR.

Kamara has a better ROS. I mean Brees is using him like wildfire, plus I think you can get name value out of Miller.


I agree with Ghost in a PPR, but Miller has been trustworthy this year behind Watson at starts. He is the lead RB where Kamara is behind Ingram. I think it depends on PPR over standard. Standard…I like Miller

What do you guys think of trying to get McCoy by giving Lamar Miller and Nelson?

My RB position is Miller, Kamara, Blount and Powell

Shady is a great pick up if you can swing it. I like the schedule and the usage…if not for that huge ability for McCoy

I agree with @EricERJ Shady is a treat target

Thanks for the advice guys! hopefully he goes for it.