Miller tonight

What’re the odds Lamar scores less than 7 points tonight? Really hoping he gets injured… nothing serious. Just a really bad stubbed toe.

Severe case of the cramps lol? He still could fall short of that. I couldn’t imagine playing that guy.

I’d say good chance of him scoring less than 7 tonight. Titans run D is actually pretty solid. You just have to fade a TD by him.

So… I guess I was wrong on that one. Miller looks decent somehow.


Miller out here running like a man possessed.


What are the chances of him scoring 45 points tonight, cause that’s what he needs for me to lose my game tonight

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Ha! Unreal man.


I know lol just having a laugh xD

I’ve always said that Miller is a poor man’s Lev Bell. A really, really poor man. Lol :wink:

You can win a league with Miller, but not because of Miller if that makes sense. He does enough at a later pick to allow you to get someone else more valuable higher in the draft.

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Yeah I was a big zero RB drafter so miller was one of my top targets in the mid rounds as my first RB off the board.


I make jokes, but he is, was, and has been the clear lead back on a pretty good offense. Undervalued though for sure