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Miracle Monday Thread

Well, I guess I’m not getting a bye week!

I have 2 leagues where it’s going to come down to Dalvin Cook really. I need him to score 22.35 in standard scoring to win one league(I can secure a bye week there).
And I need a combined 24 points between Cook and Tyler Lockett in .5 PPR. I know possibility is good but I don’t bank on it.

What do you need for tonight?

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The opposite facing dalvin have a 40.2 lead for my playoff spot but Dalvin and Russel project for like 42 so they both need to have moderate days at best for me to win… unlikely.

Dalvin and Locket should put up 24 in half the 22.35 in standard is a little tougher i think

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OOF! Especially with Minnesota’s horrible pass coverage.
Then again Mahomes was very moderate yesterday and they still blew out a team.

Good luck man! Hope Cook gets 31 Points and Russel to get 6 points.

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just need a giant defensive game fumbles, ints, blocks for tds something to just keep the ball out of the hands of the usual playmakers. Im sure were not the only ones holding our breath for this game looking and hoping at the playoffs


I just need Dalvin to outscore the MIN defense by 6.4 points. Then I will survive a week that saw Julio go out last-second to injury and previously-reliable Michael Thomas and NE DST both put up duds. Shouldn’t be too much to ask should it?

I think your pretty safe on that one. Guys like Crowder and Coleman killed me benching Jeffery and woods for like 50 together i shouldnt even be in this spot if i wasnt so dumb haha


Forgot to pull out Scarborough for Guice Thursday for upside…
still up by 24 going into tonight against the top team in the league who has Russ left… I need to win this week to make the playoffs

Man, lot on the line tonight for a lot of you guys!

SIGH! Oh Dalvin! OH Tyler! Why???

I guess I shouldn’t be too upset but I’m def not getting my bye week. Still in playoffs though. Hope you guys what you needed.

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I did indeed! locked up the playoff spot it got really risky after Wilson threw that like 60 yard td though held on for a 5 point win thanks to his pick six and dalvins 2 fumbles.