Mixon AB for CMC JuJu

I’m scrapping my way into the playoffs but want a pure #1 RB to try and carry me through. Is Mixon/AB too much for CMC/Juju? Any other players to try and get CMC or can I give up less for Fournette?

Our roster composition is QB/WR/RB/TE/Flex/Flex/Flex so theoretically I only need 1 WR.

Current Roster is:
QB: Mariota
WR: AB, Julio, Baldwin, J. Reynolds
RB: Mixon, T Coleman, L. Miller, Brieda
TE: OJ Howard

Their Roster:
QB: Wentz
WR: Juju, Alshon, Evans, Sanders
RB: CMC, Fournette, Peterson, Yeldon, Henry
TE: Hooper

I think that is too much to give up. Mixon is not that much different from CMC in my mind and AB is a decent sized upgrade over Juju. You probably can get Fournette for cheaper, but I would rather have Mixon than Fournette, and I would rather have Julio than Fournette so i don’t know what else you really have to offer there. I like you team as is to be honest. AB Julio Mixon is nice core.

I don’t like this trade at all. You’re giving away the best player in the trade.

That’s too much. Mixon and CMC are too similar. You’re definitely paying a premium for CMC right now because he just had his two best games. If you want to upgrade your RB AND give up AB, look for the Hunt/Gordon/Kamara owner and see if they’d bite on this trade. Mixon will bounce back don’t stress too much yet.

Mixon knee is an issue again I think with CMC schedule and Juju showing he’s been a trusted target of Ben I do this deal

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I don’t like giving up AB at all but at 3-7 my only shot at the playoffs is winning out and luckily I play the 7th and 8th seeds over next 3 weeks.

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CMC’s playoff schedule is JUICY. The only back I would want on my roster besides CMC in the playoffs is Gurley and even he might be scary if they wrap up the 1 seed before week 16.

I would do it. CMC is very good, its not a fluke.

Well the CMC owner backed out. Tough making a trade for a player on the hometown team…Apparently Mixon and AB weren’t enough. :roll_eyes:

I would’ve backed out if I was the CMC owner myself. I don’t trust Mixon to not get hurt again and as a Steelers fan living in Pittsburgh Juju gets the better matchups with AB seeing all the top CB’s