Mixon & Adams...4...Howard & Beckham


I GET - Joe Mixon & Devante Adams

I GIVE UP - Jordan Howard and Odell Beckham

What would you do?

Additional Roster:
QB - D. Watson
QB - P. Rivers
RB - M. Gordon
RB - E. Elliot
RB - C. Thompson
RB - R. Penny
WR - K. Allen
WR - J. Gordon
WR - N. Agholor
WR - Q. Enunwa
WR - W. Fuller
TE - Z. Ertz

I’m passing. I prefer OBJ to adams by a pretty wide margin. And I prefer Mixon to howard by a decent amount too but not enough to make up the OBJ adams gap.

Why don’t you try and counter with Jordan Howard and Keenan Allen and add like Agh/Fuller/Enunwa or something if he rejects it. Helps solve your problem of stacking Rivers/Gordon/Allen.