Mixon/AJ Brown- MT/Henderson

Getting offered AJ Brown/Joe Mixon for Darrel Henderson and Michael Thomas.

What do you guys think?

Depending on Joe’s health I feel like that’s a good trade, more in your favor.

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Yeah? Mixon would just be RB depth too; I have CEH, J. Jacobs, Jonathan Taylor, Justin Jackson, Alex Mattison.

As for WRs: Thielen, Robinson, Fuller, claypool.

Brown has a rough schedule coming up, but playoffs look decent. MT schedule is glorious.


That’s good RB depth you have there. I don’t think it hurts you with Thomas not playing yet but maybe he comes back this week. Could take the trade and package two RBs for cmc, Henry maybe even Kamara with the right two guys.

I do think mixon sits this week with a bye next week.

Yeah I have Jacobs and Mixon right now rostered too. You could potentially make a trade for Jackson to the Ekeler owner too. But yeah you have solid RB depth but adding Mixon would be great for you dude. MT is like the next Antonio Brown at this rate with him lol. So getting rid of him isn’t a terrible idea, have him in one of my other leagues and he’s been on the bench basically the whole season so.

Yeah sometimes I get so caught up with trades that I’m just throwing proposals out there for the hell of it. I threw David Montgomery and Minshew(!) to the MT owner and he took it. I couldn’t believe. Then I sat there like, ugh- I hate Michael Thomas. 6 weeks later and here we are- still sitting on my bench.

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You’re totally right. I could def try doing that. Henry could be an option. Henry owner has Bell so maybe CEH and Mixon.