Mixon and crowder for

Would you trade Mixon and crowder for 2 2019 1sts and Tevin Coleman!

This is dynasty obviously

How many teams? PPR/Superflex?

Do you have an idea what the picks could be - Early/Mid/Late?

What other RBs and WRs do you have?

1 of the picks is my 1 being traded back and the other will probly be a mid to late based on his team. My other rbs are elliot rojo Kerryon Prosise and samuels. My other wrs are Hilton, juju, Landry, Kirk, agolohr, Mathews, tyrell Williams, Ryan grant, and Allison. 2rb 2 wr 3 flex league. No super flex.

I probably wouldn’t. Having Mixon as your RB2 is pretty baller and gives you a really safe floor to build from. None of your other guys are really that reliable, personally I’m not a believer in ROJO at the NFL level. You’re team looks like a win now team as well so I wouldn’t trade away one of the few bell cow backs for potential mid 1st rounders next year. Mixon is also still so young, will end up being younger than even some of the rookie class next year that is coming in.

Crowder is also poised for a bounce back year. If he’s healthy, I think his style matches up pretty with Smith. Could see him being a WR2 in this year in a PPR format.

i would do it. mixon really doesnt have a lot going for him while with the bengals. or at least while marv and company are there. he can be serviceable, but there is a cap to him. nothing to do with the talent, just where he is. people hype on him pretty hard cause they think its going to change for some reason. not really sure why, but it is what it is and leads to good values like this. coleman is comparable to mixon, with a high upside if freeman goes down. crowder could have value, but its hard to pinpoint what his value is. new QB and all, and its not like he is a world breaker talent. and then 2 1sts are always nice. the only reason i wouldnt do this, is if i believe real hard in crowder and i needed WR help pretty bad.

I started off thinking you should, but then I thought a bit more and I would not do it.

You already have plenty of youth so the early picks would not be so crucial. I think Mixon is not as good as people think, but he is in position to be a big part of the backfield. Crowder IMHO will be far better this year.

I do like Coleman but he is definitely the second fiddle and ewe really do not know that he gets a goldmine position next year. It might be another RBBC scenario das that is more likely in the current NFL. Mixon is as well, but he should take a big share this year and you know the landscape.

Rookies are always a crap shoot. There is truly no way of knowing until we see it season after season. Since you have youth already, and Mixon is also young, I would not mess with your team.

It currently looks strong and should have future potential. That is a great place to be in dynasty.

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im on the no side as well. Im a mixon believer because of his talent. IMO hes the 2nd best from that class. The bengals made sure they went and got O-line help this offseason which should help a lot for dalton and that backfield. I do think marv is a cancer for that team but i think talent trumps all which i believe mixon is.

As far as crowder he can be a ppr beast with smith, if he gets that connection out of the slot like kelce and he had then youre gonna get a huge reward from keeping him. He also has big play potential with those wheels.

Now for the other side of the trade, i also really like coleman. If he lands in the right spot next year he has a very good chance to produce at an RB1 level. Dont forget he has sickle cell that can come up at anytime. Like someone above me said, there is a chance he either stays in ATL or gets signed by someone with a deep backfield to put him in the same timeshare split.

1st round picks always look enticing but… especially since you think theyre gonna be in the back end of the round they are for sure crapshoots. Its not easy to produce in the nfl and there are so many unknowns that you wont know till you see it. and by then it may be too late. You already know what you have in mixon and crowder.

Beware of the unknown

I think it depends on your WR depth. I absolutely think Coleman is a better NFL RB than Mixon and he could very easily turn into Michael Turner from a few years ago and sign with a team and be a workhorse for many years. Plus he is tied to a very good offense with a defined role. One injury away from a mid level RB1 in my eyes too. I would do the trade I think, but I def think that it’s pretty even and could understand not doing it.

Your not worried about him goin to another committee on a new offense next year? I do like Coleman Don’t get me wrong.

It def is a possibility for a committee, but I feel like whoever signs him will want him to be the lead dog, He has all the talent and is a great 3 down threat.