Mixon and dj Moore for Evans .5ppr dynasty. Who wins?

My other rbs are elliot, Royce, Chubb, booker, proises. I would be trading Mixon and moore

I like this trade. Evans, for me, is still an elite option at WR.

In dynasty I don’t think I would make this trade. I am a little nervous about Evans this year. I am sure he will be fine, but don’t see him as a top 5 WR.

I think Mixon could have a very good year and will finally break out, and will only be 22 years old when the season starts. DJ Moore could be a stud, I see him starting day one and have him as ranked as the #2 rookie in dynasty after Saquan as far as value.

Sure, I do this if I’m competing. If I’m rebuilding, however, I’d rather have Mixon/Moore. Especially in .5PPR, Mixon has top 8 RB potential.

Honestly I think at this point its up in the air on which of those 3 will be better. But in my opinion the ceiling for Moore and Mixon is higher and has more of a benefit than that of Evans. Mike Evans is solid dont get me wrong, but with your only guaranteed RB1 being Zeke I wouldnt be letting Mixon go for WR.
Chubb will most likley not have much of a value until next year or even after depending on how well Hyde plays. Then you have Royce and Booker, So you basically have 1 back there, both of which are unproven 3 down NFL backs. Prosise cant stay healthy to do anything so I wouldnt even count him as RB on your squad.
So, again, if it was me I would keep Mixon and Moore.

I realize that most people don’t play as I do, but…are you setting a line up this weekend? How about next weekend?

Offseason trading, at this point, should be value trading. You don’t need to worry about your lineup until you get closer to the season. Set yourself up with a valuable roster now, so that way when you need to make a lineup, you have the ammo.

Even if you don’t like the asset coming in, if the value is right you need to take the W.

Words from @FFDynastyDan

If you don’t think Evans is a greater value, that’s fine. Just know that most others do.

Current ADP at DLF:
Evans - 11
Mixon - 23
Moore - 58

Please note, this is not me trying to say one side is definitively better than the other. Just expressing another way to look at it.

Evans is definitely still elite but Carolina is not sold on Funchess in my opinion. Moore could become Cam’s number 1 quickly. Combine that with a potential workhorse like Mixon and I would take that all day.