Mixon and Martin dilemma

Okay here’s the roster

Qb Goff

WR Michael Thomas, Crabtree, Sterling Shepard, Landry, OBJ (its a 2 person keeper league)

RB kamara, DeMarco Murray, mixon, Martin

TE ertz And Engram

K/DEF = prater, cincinatti, Pittsburgh

Available on the waiver:
Tyrod Taylor, Samaje Perine, Josh Doctson, Lynch, forte

I’m leaning dropping both Martin and mixon because neither have had any sort of break out and both seem to do nothing with volume.

Pick up tyrod and Perine? Or roll with Goff and pick up 2 RB such as Lynch and Perine?

Thanks I’m advance!

I have Martin & Mixon as well and I’ve considered dropping both. I’m more willing to drop Mixon due to his playoff schedule and I just don’t think I’ll ever start him over any of my other RBs now that bye weeks are over. Martin I’ll drop if I need the room but I kind of want to hold onto him because I haven’t lost all faith…although I’m almost there.

So Perine for Mixon yes. I’d compare Taylor’s schedule with Goff’s away schedule. If it lines up then do it, if not I’d hold.

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