Mixon and Mike Williams for K. Allen and Shady

Which side is getting the better deal in this trade? The Mixon owner has Barkley, Lewis as RBs and Green and Edelman as WR, the Allen and Shady side has Hunt and Powell as RB and Woods and Tate as WRs. I was just offered this trade and i wanted to get a neutral point of view

I like the Mixon / Mike Williams side

I like the Mixon side as well.

The wild card here though is if Shady gets traded to the eagles. If he goes there, then it’s a much more even exchange, maybe even slightly favoring the allen side.

Yes, great point.

That’s what I have been thinking too, right now I’m on the Mixon side and the reason this has been tempting is because it does kinda seem logical for him to go back to Philly but i would be a big gamble

I ended up trading Mixon and Watkins for Hunt and Allen. It hurts to let go of Mixon but I think I’m happy with it