Mixon and what for AB or OBJ? .5 ppr

That’s his roster.

I just made a trade today for Zeke and Keenan so mine sits at:


He really wants an RB or two.

You could try Mixon and Buck but I dunno if he’d go for that. Or see if he’d do Mixon and Landry.

OR, wild card, see if he’d do Kamara for Brown straight up. Mixon and Zeke still provide a good 1-2 punch for you plus you’d be boosting your WR.

I think he’d take the AB/Kamara trade no doubt from what he has said. Buy that just leaves me so barren on backup backs that I feel comfortable playing that I’m not comfortable with it, really.

Mixon is pretty good so i don’t think you really need to give up anything additional for OBJ right now given how low his perceived value is. Depending on how much they know, you might even be able to get more on the OBJ side given his RB situation.

Why not try and throw out an offer like Mixon + Coutee for OBJ + Ekeler or something.

Ive been bullish on Mixon all year so I want to make sure I get good return on him. Would Eckler or Jones be a better return piece to add with OBJ?

Depends what you need. It’s hard to start jones right now cause McCarthy is an idiot and keeps using Ty Mont for whatever reason. And Williams. I still think Jones has the best shot at leading that backfield but every week I see McCarthy doing stupid stuff, it decreases my confidence a bit more. Ekeler is a decent flex play consideration in most weeks but his upside is very capped. So if you can afford to stash an RB, I’d still go with jones but if you need flex and bye week fillers, ekeler is probably preferred.

I ended up trading straight up.

So after today I have

Ryan/Winston (which I won’t keep both I just haven’t decided which I like better RoS.

Kamara, Zeke, Buck, Alf. I have a waiver claim in for Murray.

Keenan, OBJ, Landry, Sanu, Coutee


I feel like I’ve given away a lot of high end depth but have upgraded my starters.

your team is incredibly stacked. Barring injury, going to be tough to beat.