Mixon Concern?

Any concern for Mixon after tonights game? He looks great for the most part, but good lord that bengals line is absolutely terrible. Any thought foot clan?

Yeah the concern is with the o-line. This is the only reason I’m not higher on the entire offense


I have mixion and green … need a couple decent weeks so i can try to trade … i hate to drop the talent but they do no good if they never have a chance


The only real concern for mixon Is them not playing him at all in the 2 minute drill. He wasn’t on the field for the final 4 minutes of that game.

He was successful in the passing game in Q1/2. 4 for 40, makesSo many people miss tackles. Have to hope they watch the tape and get mixon in on passing downs during comeback mode.

Lastly burrow never does check downs to the backs unless it’s a designed Screen pass.

I think you nailed it with this. Burrow racked up points but also got beat the eff up. No time in the pocket. Poor AJ Green dying in my starting lineup. Why god :tired_face::joy: