Mixon/Cook Trade Advise

A buddy in my main league is looking to swap Mixon for Dalvin Cook. I feel like there are questions with both backs like can Cook handle an NFL season; is Mixon going to be a reliable workhorse back on a not-so-good Cincy team. I don’t know that I’m a Mixon believer but i’m also not 100% sold on Cook since he only lasted 5 games. PPR Dynasty league - Start 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1WRT, 2DL, 2LB, 2DB. 25 bench, 5 taxi, 5 IR

My RBs - DJ, Cook, D. Freeman, Drake, ROJO, Penny (Ito, Adams, and Edmonds on Taxi)

D. Cook
Mixon, Reuben Foster (not much value) and an undetermined 2019 pick - essentially Mixon and a pick

Would you do this trade? If not, why? If so, what pick would you be looking for?

I wouldn’t do this trade. Cook was crushing when he was healthy. At this point, Mixon is really only hype.

Really a flat no??? Mixon started doing better towards the end of the season last year. His last 110 carries = 3.97 YPC… and that’s with the the 26th worst o-line, which Cincy has improved somewhat. While Cook’s entire season was just 85 touches for 5.22 YPT (carries= 74 for 354 - 4.92 YPC) with a slightly better o-line. How is the buzz around Cook any more then hype at this point also?

your other backs are good enough i would do it if he would add a middling wideout. mixon has crazy high upside, and your backs are good enough i would guess your receivers are a little weak.

Because Cook actually performed in the games he played, he’s in the better offense and Mixon had a whole year to show off and managed one big performance. Since when is 3.97 YPC impressive?

My WRs aren’t too bad - M Thomas, Al Robinson, M Jones, Garcon, Lee, Kirk, Washington, Meredith, Enunwa and Tre"Quan Smith

in that case i would feel out how much your league mate wants cook. if he really wants him i would see what else you can get. i think the mixon cook is close enough if you could improve TE or get depth it would be worth the slight downgrade at RB

In Bell’s first season, he averaged 3.5 YPC (which is what Mixon did over the season) I’m not saying Mixon will be Bell but he could have more upside. Whereas I could see that 4.92 YPC could be Cook’s ceiling and he never gets close again.

I’m not saying 3.97 is impressive but that’s about what M Gordon, McCoy and Fournette did last year and would have been better then CMC

also, this is of topic, but what do you think of a FAAB sytsem with no blind bidding, more like an auction draft every week. i dont know where u could do it just a thought

yeah thats why i was thinking a pick would be fair but not sure what round to ask for as a minimum

i dont think the bell comp is applicable because bell is on such a good team. the bengals kind of suck. plus even if they run the same for higlights, bell runs like that all the time

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I think it would be more interesting. we’re trying something similar right now for FAs where everyone gets to nominate 2 players each week and you can openly bid on any nominated player. It’s not bad but i think we started too soon because only about half the league is actually participating at this point. We are doing it through a Facebook group because there wasn’t a way to do it on the site we’re using. But we’re going back to the regular FAAB system for the regular season so the site we’re using can handle it

And i was just using Bell as an example showing that Mixon could have more upside then Cook

i started a forum called “auction bidding FAAB” can we switch to that one so people will see there are replies and give their input?

I don’t think your leveon comparison is valid because leveon lost a ton of weight after his rookie year. In his rookie year he tried to be this big, pound between the tackles RB and it wasn’t working. Once he dropped the weight and became more agile, he found his success.

Ultimately, I’m not trying to say mixon is trash, but I think it’s more likely than not that Cook will end up having the better year and that’s why I wouldn’t make that trade.

Reports out of camp is that Mixon did the same thing. hahahaha. Bell cut down to 224 lbs after his rookie season and Mixon is down to 225. Getting most of my info from an article on FantasyPros on Mixon that came out yesterday… https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/07/fantasy-football-profile-joe-mixon/

I can definitely see Cook having a better year and better career but if I can get a Fournette rookie type performance year over year out of Mixon and a rookie pick or other worthwhile piece out of it, it might make sense is all I’m saying and I’m considering it depending on the other part

i think that the cook hype is overblown as well. BUT, mixon is pure hype and on a team that doesnt support RBs very well. where cook is on a great offense with a QB who likes to check down and use his backs that way. even if cook isnt everything that cook supporters dreamed of, he will be damn good in the passing game, and will get his carries too. he might end up being a 200 carry, but 70 reception guy. i would take that over mixon any day of the week. so unless they up their game, im not trading cook for mixon.

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Depending on the pick I would make the trade.

If you get a pick in any of the 1st 4 rounds do the trade of not stay with cook

I’d also see if he has an WR with upside you could get in return

I’d take the Cook side. I am not a Mixon believer, but I do not think he will suck. I just think MIN is the better unit and I would take the better offense for my running back of possible.

Yes leveon lost a lot of weight but so did mixon. He reported last season at 238 and is down to 218. His weight was low 220s in college. Mixon models his running style off of bell and it really pisses bell off to see it if you see his Twitter. He ran behind a terrible line who added Billy price first round center as well as cordy Glen via trade at LT. Not to mention they parted ways with their O line coach of 25 years and brought in frank Pollak former line coach of the all mighty Dallas cowboys offensive line. Mixons ypc went up after the 2nd half when hill was out of the picture and the line started playing slightly better with the addition of regularly using a fullback in situations (r Hewitt). Mixon was also a good pass catcher in college and showed in flashes what he can do in open space catching passes at the pro level. Don’t sleep on the kid. To rush to judgment and say because he’s on a bad team. This team was an elite offense in 15 last season the oc was fired 3 weeks into the year and they promoted a qbs coach. Now with a full offseason of preparation a new play book and revamped offensive line the upside is high and the risk isn’t to ridiculous compared to the other rbs being the drafted at a similar time. Howard and McKinnon both present similar risks Howard being the “safest” play with least amount of upside