Mixon dynasty 0.5ppr

I’m considering moving Mixon in dynasty. I don’t trust the Bengals offense even with the coaching change. I’d probably target something like Mack and a WR upgrade for Mixon and Corey Davis (also don’t trust Davis). Thoughts? Am I overthinking this and moving on from Mixon too early? My roster below:

QB: Newton, Mayfield, Foles, Flacco, Smith, McCoy
RB: Gordon, Mixon, White, Burkhead, Dixon, McGuire, Ekeler, Thompson, Wilkins, Booker, Buck Allen, Boston Scott
WR: Adams, Hill, Landry, Davis, Reynolds, Sherfield
TE: Kelce, Brate, RSJ, Ian Thomas, Jonnu Smith
DST: Redskins
Picks: 2019 mid 2nd (2), 2019 mid 3rd (2),

You’re probably slightly over reacting. Mixon is a fringe first/late second and a definite top 10 RB. With that said, it’s never a bad idea to at least entertain the thought of moving him. You never know what someone else could offer you.

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What do you think about something like Mixon and Ekeler for Derrick Henry , Guice, and Woods? It’s risky on my end, but I think the added stability at WR will make up the inconsistency at RB behind Gordon. We start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 flex, 1 superflex btw…

Also throwing out the possibility that Bell could end up in Indy, so just in general I think I’d be hesitant trading Mixon before the draft. Mixon will be at worst a high end RB2, and since you have Gordon as a guaranteed top 4 back I’d feel extremely comfortable having Mixon as my second RB.

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I think anyone selling Mixon right now is selling him on a slight down evaluation. The coaching change, although creates uncertainty, will ultimately improve the offense. Marvin Lewis really hurt the offense; so, anyone is an improvement. No matter who is calling plays, Dalton is a check down type of guy who will provide Mixon with a ton of pass catching volume. I think Mixon is a top 10/12 guy in redraft and even better, because of age, for dynasty.

All that being said, if you can get Henry, Guice, and Woods for Mixon and Ekeler, I’m jumping all over that! Guice is Mixon of 2 years ago: great talent, unknown usage. If Guice gets the opportunity AP got, he’ll be a stud. Henry could be a bust but he’s a lottery ticket and worth adding onto a deal for pretty much nothing. Meanwhile, although Woods will step back next year with Kupp being healthy, he’s more valuable than Ekeler. So…
Mixon > Guice (for now, could change in a couple years)
Ekeler < Woods
No one << Henry

Do it!

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I don’t imagine Woods taking a step back with Kupp healthy. He led the team in targets with and without Kupp and kept similar splits. But even if it did happen, I agree that it’s a good deal for you. Even without liking Henry much at all, he’s just the icing on top of the deal.

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this is what i have been waiting for with mixon. his rookie year, i was hands off completely. wanted nothing to do with him even in dynasty cause marv was there. last year i was interested in him, but not for his price. and i quoted the same thing. i will not trust a marv lead offense. especially not at the asking price for him at the time. now, we finally have some new blood. someone who will at least try to be innovative and use his pieces. we have no idea how good he will be, so that part still makes me hesitate. BUT! mixon as a talent is very, very good. given that the bengals FINALLY did what they should have done 10 years ago, im willing to make a bet that those pieces will be better all around. im keeping mixon and riding with him if i have him. you were willing to ride with him when the turd himself Marvin Lewis was there, im not dumping him now when he is starting to look like a good option.

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That’s a good point. I guess I don’t see how his value can be any higher than it is right now. He was already considered an RB1 before the coaching change and even more so now. Since my league starts 3 WRs, I was trying to solidify my WR depth while getting back a RB who won’t be much of a downgrade from Mixon.

I see your point and plan, and i for sure agree with it. My problem with it is i see RBs as more valuable than WRs. And since after mixon you have a mixture of guys that could be good any given week, i wouldnt want to part with him. I would just look elswhere to move someone. Like a mayfield, or newton (although his value is super low right now) or, and this is one people will probably disagree with… kelce. His value has never been higher either and he is getting to his 30s pretty soon. I would ride a mixture of brate and RSJ and hope that olson retires so you can cash in on what should be a good option in thomas. Plus with only having a second round pick as your top pick, you can turn that into one of the rookie TEs that look to have a good role. So my suggestion is to switch to kelce instead, keep your RB depth and develope a TE in the draft since you probably wont find the best value in RB or WR in the second. Just going off of history. Not that you cant, thats just how rookie drafts go.

Plus i do think mixons value goes up. Before the year i saw him as a low end RB2. Now i see him as the RB10, maybe higher. If he hits his true ceiling he is a top 5 guy. But, thats just my opinion and thoughts on it. I hope i helped!

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I can’t really move my QBs without getting a QB back since I play in a superflex league, but I am open to downgrading Cam to someone else if I can upgrade somewhere else. I just traded for Kelce not too long ago. I see what you’re getting at with the Kelce trade idea, but riding a mixture of weak TEs was not fun last year and Kelce is so damn dominant right now…he’s averaging 15.3 points per game in 0.5ppr, which is good enough to be WR10 or RB10…or right behind Mike Evans and Mixon. To get that kind of production out of your TE spot, that’s ridiculous. Even if Kelce only does 80% of what he did this year, that’s good for TE3 and points wise is about what Brandin Cooks scored each game which is nothing to scoff at.

I think I’m moving away from wanting to trade Mixon and considering moving Gordon now. I think he will net me a larger return and his actual fantasy value will end up being similar to Mixon’s by the end of the year. I dunno, gotta hit up the market and see what is out there. Even in dynasty, this is a slow period, hopefully I can get some trade talks going

I think your team is one piece away. You should have a very competitive roster next season so I understand why you would want to try to get the extra depth by trading Mixon. However, I’m a big proponent of keeping studs. I think even with added depth, it’ll hurt your weekly upside. Having 2 RB1s is a big advantage. I would keep Mixon and try to trade your 2nd round picks. Or try to package the picks with one of your receivers.

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