Mixon, Edmonds, Tonyan for Waller

I have the 3 and would be getting Waller. My RB1 is Kamara but this would leave me thin at RB with only Latavius Murray.

12 man half ppr redraft league.

Please help footclan.

So basically you’re giving up Mixon and Edmonds to upgrade Tonyan to Waller it sounds like. It’s a huge upgrade, but I think that’s too much to give up. I would think you could make that deal with just Mixon if that’s what you want to do. I might be more inclined to give Tonyan another game to see if the GB is really back to normal. Losing a top 12 and top 24 RB seems like a bit much to me for that upgrade.

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Would you consider doing it if it was Mixon and Tonyan for Waller? I keep Edmonds

It’s pretty steep for Waller even though he’s a great play. I would be worried that you’d be too thin at running back after that. Is it possible to keep Edmonds

I think so. He just lost CMC so he is desperate for a RB.

I think ill offer Mixon and Tonyan, but thats it.

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I think Mixon is still a low-end RB1 rest of season, but I think it’s worth it to get the #2 TE. Edmonds should be a fine RB2/3 play all season still. You’ll just need to stay aggressive on the RB waiver wire, which is much easier to do compared to TE.