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Mixon - Ethics Question


Do you guys have any ethical issues with drafting certain players; like Joe Mixon?
Or do you keep it completely separate from what they do on the field?

I looked a bit for this questions, surprised I couldn’t find it yet.

Currently I will not draft Mixon… after seeing the video, I feel disgust when I see his name; I just don’t want that person on my team. At the same time though, I think he’s probably the best rookie running back (McCaffrey might do more in PPR) and it kind of bugs me I have to avoid that backfield for the next 10 years.

I do believe people make mistakes and definitely deserve forgiveness… but I don’t want to sell out on my morals.

Do you guys double think players like this? Any other players you try to avoid?


In my “high stakes” leagues I just view players as numbers and don’t care about off field issues, except if it could lead to missed time. In my “for fun, low stakes” leagues like the ones with family and close friends that aren’t for money I definitely avoid players I despise. These leagues are about having a good time and I don’t enjoy cheering for bad people.


Personally, I don’t really have any ethical issues when drafting players like Mixon. I bet if I researched every player in the NFL, I’d find I didn’t agree with how over half of them behaved off the field. That being said, you don’t have to deal with any PR for who you own on your fantasy team. Run it how you want to run it. If you don’t want to draft guys like Mixon or AP or Tyreek Hill, don’t draft them. If you’re playing in really competitive leagues for a lot of money, it might be best to overlook their off-field issues and focus on how they perform on the field. I do take off-field issues into account for my Dynasty leagues. If you’re going to potentially own a player for their whole career, you want to minimize suspension risk. I thought Mixon was arguably the best RB talent in the 2017 RB class, but I would’ve taken Fournette, Cook, and McCaffery over him, because I don’t want the potential headache.


I personally don’t see anything wrong with drafting Mixon. He was punished and is working to recover from it. It’s not like this is a player with an ongoing issue of domestic violence(or other random off the field issue). He’s paid for his crime and the video still being mentioned is confirmation that he will still pay for it for rest of his life. To me it’s like asking should we draft Big Ben because off past field issues.


The beauty of fantasy football is if you dont want someone on yoyr team becaise they disgust you, you dont have to have them. Me personally? A player is a player. I still think about these things, but only in the, how will this affect his game? Is he a potential repeat offender? Its why i like hill, and not mixon. I think mixon will get in trouble again . I dont think hill will. But really it’s up to you. If you don’t like it, and it feels wrong, then dont do it. No matter what anyone says.


I live in Cincinnati and understand the issue, my bother and I couldn’t be more apposed. I’m on the, a player is a player, side of things. After all (most of us) are gambling right?

“I’m not a role model… Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.”
-Charles Barkley

I agree with BusterD and have seen Mixon in mocks go as early as round 2. Mixon will be on a very short leash here due to a majority of the city hates that the Bengals drafted him. The fans are passionate and want to change the reputation that the team is a bunch of thugs so most will unite against him if he does as little as fumble in the 4th.
The narrative that Hill will start the season with his competition for carries coming from a rookie and Gio, a third down back coming off major knee surgery. That says to me that he will/could return to what he was the second half of him rookie year. Hill has done it before and is playing for a contract. If he doesn’t plant himself in the first 4-6 games of the season the coaches will start to look to other options.

Or, I’m just a homer and Hill helped me win a #footclantitle his rookie year.


The difference with Big Ben is that he plays for the, can’t do wrong Steelers not the “thug criminal Bengals”.


I agree with many of the people that have stated that fantasy is fun and you shouldn’t sacrifice the fun to draft a player you don’t like. I personally draft player based on what they do on the field and not what they do off of it. In the case of Mixon I will draft him if he is available where I want him. The incident, while horrible, was a few years ago and he has not been in any major trouble since. This is just the opinion of one person and you should make the decision that allows you to have the most fun.