Mixon for AJ

trade help.
Hey guys.
My team
QB: Ryan
WR: Green, Keenan Allen, Golladay, Tre Smith, Sutton, DJ Moore
RB: LIndsay, Murray, Ingram, Ekeler, Howard,

I was offered Mixon and Desean Jackson for AJ
I countered with Mixon and Edelman for AJ
He upped his offer to Luck, Mixon and Jackson for AJ.
Which is a better offer if at all.
I can keep Luck or trade him for possibly TY Hilton.

Dude I like that a lot for you. Mixon is what rb6 ros? Aj is great but you have good enough wr depth imo to cover his absence. Djax can be a good to great flex with fitzpatrick back. And you get a true rb1. Also Andrew luck who is playing lights out. As a falcons fan I could see matt Ryan not being as good outside of the dome.

Um yeah definitely a fair trade but only on your end. If he’s willing to trade you more the just mixon for green (who is injured and was held out for multiple games years ago for same injury) that’s worth it. I’m shocked he’s willing to do that. Mixon is a stud this year. Esp since he’s a workhorse I don’t think I’d trade home even straight up for green

Dude, I would have immediately accepted the first offer, he’ll if he offered Mixon for AJ straight up I would have accepted. Do you know something we don’t know about your trade partner like his favorite player is AJ

who would I drop.