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Mixon for Guice and a 1st


Which rb are you more confident in workload, talent, and offense around then moving forward? Plus a 2019 1st with Guice.


Guice all day long. I am not a believer in Mixon, I think his talent level is streaky in the NFL. Not a bust, but Guice is a better value.


I agree. Guice is a top 5 prospect this year, plus you get a first next year. Bryce Love might be there who is better than Guice. Not sold on Mixon. He’s in Cincy which has a disease for RB consistency.


really you get guice and a 1st… id put a bow on mixon and hand deliver him


I like Mixon, but this deal is a quick ‘Yes’ for me! If it were a straight 1-for-1, I’d pass… Just because, I’m not willing to bet that Guice is straight-up better. But the 1st all but mitigates the risk, IMO.


They switched to a 2020 1st. But still a first


I’m actually still a Mixon believer so I would probably pass on this deal. Not a huge believer in the situation Guice is in and Mixon is in for a bellcow workload. Very few 3 down backs in the league so it’s a pretty rare commodity. No idea what the 2019 pick will turn out to be (early,mid,late). I’d rather go with bird in the hand but that’s just my opinion. If its a 2020 pick, makes it all the more easier for me to stick with Mixon.

I’m a believer in talent and coming into the draft, Mixon was the most talented back in my eyes. Lewis is an idiot and typically always stunts rookies but MIxon is now in his second year, still only 21. Like his situation going forward. Can’t fault you for taking guice +1st though.


Still a win IMO. Guice will probably see more work as the season goes on, but considering the value of adding a Saquan-caliber player later, I think it’s worth it. This is especially true if you already have a Solid RB1 and an RB2 that could help supplement Mixon until Guice comes to fruition.


I have elliot, rojo and Kerryon also


Odds are, between Rojo (Im assuming this is Ronald Jones), Kerryon, and Guice (potentially), you would be able to make a good call on the rookies week-to-week until one of them solidifies themselves as the workhorse. - I could see this line-up giving you some trouble in the first 4 weeks, but after that you should know your Rb’s well enough, the versatility will likely be nice.

Comparatively, I see Mixon as your 10point/week average, and Zeke as your 15-20point/week guy. So, IMO, the three rookies have a high ceiling than Mixon, but the risk is higher because Rookies can get game-scripted out quickly.


I actually have Mixon in my Dynasty team and if I was offered this trade I would likely accept. I haven’t necessarily given up on Mixon yet but I like the situation that Guice is in more so than Mixon’s regardless of the presence of Thompson. Would even consider it with a early round 2nd instead of 1st.


I have Mixon, too, and I agree! If it’s a 2020 pick, though, no deal. I have a hard enough time accepting picks one year out.


ugh. now im not as excited. :unamused:


Yeah so I have not seen anything at all that would lead me to believe Mixon will be a bell cow. Keep in mind preseason statements by coaches are useless unless they are negative. They still have Gio, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t use him.


Later last year, you could see his usage trending up with the exception of the concussion game with pittsburgh and continuing injury with lions, here was his usage:

Week 10 - 20 carries, 2 targets
Week 11- 23 carries 3 targets
Week 12-13 - Injury
Week 14- 18 carries 1 target.

Feel’s like he is working his way into that role for sure. Assuming Lewis doesn’t Lewis him again, I think he is in for a 3 down back workload this year.


I would like to correct your stats here.

week 10 @ TEN - 9 attempts 37 yards 3 rec. 1 rec yard. 11 points in full ppr
week 11 @ Den - 20 attempts 49 yards 2 tag 2 rec. 6.9 points in full ppr
week 12 @ Cle - 23 attempts 114 yards rush td 3 tag 3 rec 51 yards 25.50 points in ppr

week 12 was his best week all season and it was against Cleveland end of season. Talent aside he can’t shine a turd that is Cincinnati offense


Sorry where are you getting the figures from? I was looking below but maybe we just have the weeks shifted by one.


Doesn’t really matter either way, point I was trying to make was his usage was trending up towards the end. He was asking for signs of him being a Bell cow. So I’m just looking at opp, not production. The line was absolutely awful. Granted they still have problems for sure but it is fixable long term. Don’t forget Bell actually started off pretty similar with a below average Oline. Then steelers buffed up the line which was crucial to his running style, which is similar to Mixon’s. Not saying he will explode this year but its possible and he’s young so there’s plenty of time to figure that out.

Also, putting up that line versus Cleveland is pretty damn impressive. Browns sucked as a team but they were one of the top rushing defenses last year. Top 5 rushing defense if I’m not mistaken (Football outsider).

Totally agree with you on Bengals being a turd, particularly due to Lewis. But I do believe in the talent and if they get wrecked another year, they will have to tend to / address the Oline. I’m not giving up on Mixon just yet.



I want to see him succeed just ask much as the next guy. It was just painful to watch someone actually get 18-22 attempts and come up with 30-40 yards

weeks 13-14-15-16 were all crap. i know he was out 2 of those


Yeah that happened a couple times for sure. It happens to other guys once in a while too. Let’s see how it goes this season.


He played the Browns twice that season, and that was not impressive.
17 carries for 29 yds and 4 receptions for 19 yds. In some leagues that is 3 points.

So here are the numbers, and for those of you who remember me from last season…SPREADSHEETS!!!

This looks to me like they started using Gio more as the season went on.