Mixon for Johnson

Should I trade away my David Johnson for Joe Mixon?

If you can I would try to grab Mixon. He started the season off slow last year as well. This year his QB is a rookie with no preseason who runs and can set up play action as he progresses throughout the season. D-lines will have to respect that and wont be able to stack the box like they could with Dalton.

As a mixon owner right now. its hard to say to get mixon because he is getting blown up in the backfield so much. But i think he still has way more upside.

As someone who owns both I wouldn’t want any of these fools right now lol. Trying to see if i can move both.

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Agree 100%. At least they are both healthy though…for now.

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I’m not excited about either, but Mixon would provide more value in return for a trade in the future