Mixon for Kelce?

I had 4th overall and was unprepared (long story) but I ended up taking Zeke and then grabbing a couple of more RBs in the next rounds just in case he doesn’t play (Mixon and Carson,) as well as grabbing Pollard.

This left my WRs pretty bad, and a lot of people took two TEs so I also only ended up with T.J. Hockenson as my TE.

The guy I want to trade with accidentally autodrafted Kelce, so I think it’d be easier to get Kelce than a stud WR at this point.

Would it be worth it to try to get this trade? What about be fair? He has a pretty balanced roster, but his 2 starter RBs are Fournette and Sony with Tarik Cohen as his flex.

I have good RB depth (Pollard as mentioned, Breida, Penny, and Justice Hill as a hope)

I’m kinda scrambling after an uneven draft so any other advice or ideas would also be appreciated.


If i was him i wouldn’t take that trade just because of how much of a difference maker Kelce is but if he’d agree to it then by all means. It sounds/looks like you have enough RB depth to make that happen and Kelce is set-it and forget-it at the TE position.

Is there really no WR’s you think you could target right now? Diggs, Theilen, Kupp, and Woods are all in that same tier and are all worth Mixon’s value.

Heck yeah! Mixon isn’t gonna do that great