Mixon for Mahomes Trade

Hey, I was just offered Patrick Mahomes for Joe Mixon and I’m on the fence as to wether I should pull the trigger. I’m number one in the league right now and I already have Cam Newton as my QB. I also have Christian McCaffrey, Phillip Lindsay, Isaiah Crowell, Latavius Murray, and Ito Smith as my RBs on my bench. I could potentially flip Mahomes to someone else for an even better RB or I could just decline it and go with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” strategy.

Any advice?

Dont do it! You dont give up your best RB for the most replaceable position in fantasy! Especially when your current QB is the QB6.


Please don’t trade a starting RB1 for a QB… especially since you have weak RB depth and an every week starter in Cam who is past the bye week…

Yeah Cam is averaging the 4th highest QB points (23.5 pts a week). Mahomes is at 27.3 pts a week. less than 4 points a week at the QB position is not worth RB1 value at all.

Yea, I agree with y’all. I was over thinking this one so I figured I would put my thoughts on here to bring me back to my senses.

Nah, as much as I love Mahomes I would rather have CMC, Mixon, Lindsay as my starters as opposed to having Cam/Mahomes, CMC, and Lindsay.