Mixon for McCaffrey

I was offered Obj, Mixon and J.Brown for McCaffrey and D.Adams. Is this fair or a terrible trade. Looking forward to input.

I would probably lean towards the CMC/Adams side. OBJ and Adams should be similar ROS, but CMC has been a beast so far

This is full PPR if that helps

Give me mixon/obj/J.brown.

Olsen is coming back which impacts CMC a little bit.

OBJ > Adams by quite a bit for me ROS and this is a buy low. And John brown is a more than capable weekly flex play. It’s a super close and fair trade.

Adams is just not that great in PPR. OBJ is a monster which makes up for how good CMC is. You’re basically getting john brown here for free.

Appreciate the advice. Shoutout to mike for now and earlier advice.

Anymore thoughts?