Mixon for McCaffrey?

What do you think about this trade?

Gimmie Mixon

What’s the scoring format? I personally prefer the Mixon side in all, full PPR makes it closer though. CMC’s usage in the passing game is troubling so he doesn’t have his consistent full PPR floor protecting his inconsistent rushing production, he’s a sell for me personally.

Off a low game, Mixon would a buy for sure.

It’s half PPR. Yeah I am leaning towards keeping Mixon but CMC is appealing.

His usage is weird, but give me CMC all day. 6 targets in every game but 1. 14 catches in a game. You can’t predict TDs really and CMC only has 1 this year, but if you look he only had 2 last year at this time and finished the years with 8. The thing with this trade is that it’s not some huge upgrade or downgrade. You also get an extra game out of CMC as he has already had his bye week so that’s free points as well. If you do decide to trade him I would try to wait until the trade doesn’t go though until after the TB game though as we all know to play anyone against TB, lol