Mixon for Moore, Waller, and Akers?

12 Team PPR league. Do I send Joe Mixon off for Moore, Waller, and Akers? My team is:
Mixon, Drake, Sanders, Melvin, Edmonds, Bernard
Woods, Lockett, Chark, CeeDee
Hockenson, Gesicki

You have good rb depth so it would benefit your team… All 4 of these players are risky so it seems like either one of you could win the trade. Personally, I would not feel comfortable doing this because I think your wrs are strong enough as is. You don’t have to listen to me, but I wouldn’t do it.

My reasoning is that Mixon’s line still looks not awesome, Waller will probably be the target hog again while my TEs are risky, Moore won’t play against a time chewing offense as much, and akers could also eventually take over the rams backfield and I can afford to wait for him to do so. It still scares me though.

I would absolutely do this, why on earth are you being offered all this for Mixon? is the guy a huge Cinci fan?

Moore has top 10 WR potential, Waller has top 5 TE potential and Akers could very well take over mid-season as the lead back. All that for Mixon who is currently behind a terrible offensive line that will be in negative game scripts more often than not? You upgrade in 2 positions, down in 1 but you have the depth to be fine

I totally agree they all have great potential, but I don’t think it’s definite. If I had those starters, I would just keep it the way it is. I totally see your side though

He does have a huge man crush on Mixon and his other RBs are CEH, Gibson, Swift, Moss and Akers

Of course nothing is definate, but to play the same game he could potentially get 3 startable players for the price of 1, and could be upgrading 2 positions which would allow him to sell some depth to get even stronger depth.

For example, with Waller he’s free to try and trade either Hockenson or Gesicki (i think Gesicki will give a better return) to get another depth WR, he can shed Bernard for a waiver wire pickup since he’ll no longer have Mixon and he’ll still have Drake and either Sanders/Gordon as RB1 and RB2.

*edit: and Akers can warm the bench till playoffs when he’s hopefully taken over the backfield. If not, you still have plenty of startable RBs

That’s fair. I think I’m just a little bit worried about Robby Anderson. Probably unwarranted though.

I’m not making this trade. I prefer the higher value in single player side, especially when you have a balanced team.

Sorry thought I replied directly to you. That was my initial thought process as well, but I also see the fact that Mixon still has a poor O-Line while Waller and Moore both can get spammed with targets and Akers will likely eventually get a large of carries in a much more proven offense. I think that Mixon is a strong one man value but I’m also worried that if he starts slow again I may not get this type of value again.

Also worth noting that Waller and Moore are more likely to score more than last year as opposed to less