Mixon for OBJ?

I have a strong running back group on my team. Mixon is my third behind Kamara and Howard. The guy I’m trying to trade with has OBJ and AB but his starting two backs are Lewis and Chris Thompson.

Is OBJ for Mixon straight up worth offering or should I add another back like Barber, J. Williams or Michel?

I wouldn’t take Mixon for OBJ straight up. Everybody’s draft is still fresh. He’s not giving up a great WR1 for a RB1 fribge guy.

I thought it seemed like a reach. Do you think any two of those backs are worth OBJ?

He’d have to be a big Jamaal Williams lover IMO.

offering Mixon for OBJ is insulting. Even if his RBs suck. It doesn’t matter cause he’s starting AB and OBJ. He’s not desparate enough to make that trade.

Adding barber doesn’t change much. RB on a horrible offence. Jamaal williams and Michel also have pretty substantial risks involved.

I would personally turn down all of those trades cause I don’t think it’s close but you could try offering Williams + Mixon as a start and see what he says.

Thanks for the feedback. He ended up offering me OBJ and Lewis for Kamara. I’m tempted but can’t decide if I want to let Super Kamario go.

I’m passing on that.