Mixon for T Coleman PPR?

Should I jump ship on Mixon at this point? I need to make some sort of move as Mixon isn’t helping me at all

Prolly. Don’t see that O-line turning around anytime soon

100% Bengals are trash

@Kdub345 what if I went Mixon and Waller for Coleman and D Jax? I have M Andrews already

Too much. No clue when DJax returns and Waller has more value than as a dump piece just to get out from under Mixon. Offer Mixon straight up first

Agreed with above waller has a lot of value

@SchlaggedReceiver what about something like Waller for Robby Anderson or Gallup straight up? I do have the Jackson-Andrews connection right now

Sure I’d do that but I thought you wanted to move Mixon

I do, but unfortunately trade talks broke down, haha. Do you like Anderson or Gallup more though? I’m def high on both

I’d prefer Anderson, but yeah Gallup works too

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