Mixon for Thielen?

My league mate send me a trade offer in a full PPR league. He would send me Joe Mixon in return for Adam Thielen. Full PPR League.
My current RBs:
Zeke, Royce Freeman, Lynch, Peyton Barber, Powell, Murray and Clement.
My current WRs:
Davante Adams, Thielen, Gordon, Watkins, and Crowder.

Should I accept the trade?

in your situation I would.

right now your 1-2 is


I know freeman was named the starter I would just be more comfortable having another defined starter. Is this dynasty ?

He has Elliott too.

I dunno I may pass on this. Your RBs look fine to me and your WRs look a lot better with Thielen in my opinion.


oh your right I did not see Zeke in there

for sure not then

Don’t loose thielen

agree with tlp27 on this. Zeke should be strong thru the season but you drop theilen, youre left with a thin wr corps in a ppr format.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mixon’s talent and the Bengals soft schedule this year but your WR corps looks shaky without Theilen. Although, Theilen is banged up a bit. If you are confident you can move Mixon for a better receiver than Theilen, I would strongly consider doing this. Otherwise, I’d stand pat. 2c

9/10 i’m saying do this deal. but you cannot unless you’re gonna try and flip someone for a WR right after. you don’t have the depth at WR for this move to make any sense.