Mixon & Freeman for CMC

PPR scoring format. Trade away Mixon and D. Freeman for CMC? RB2 would be C. Carson if trade is successful

Absolutely take that and run if he is offering. If I am the CMC owner I will probably get a bit offended at that offer.


thats a really fair offer IMO. 2 guys that have RB1 potential for a guy who is top 3 pretty easy. the freeman owner takes on more risk obviously. plus you have to really believe in the mixon talent to be able to get through the bengals god awful team. im still in favor of the CMC side because of health, usage, and the ability of his team to keep him in scoring position.

That was my thought as well as I looked at roster construction and the CMC owner has Melvin Gordon and Penny as his only other RBs.


Who’s your flex if you make this trade? It’d be awesome to have great RB depth which you currently have, and be able to flex Carson.

I would jump on that with carson! Run away with that

Possible flex depending on matchup or rookie breakout: D. Montgomery, M. Sanders, T. Coleman, C. Samuel or Desean Jackson


Oh you’re so good then.

Ya know, with time to think about this, if his team needs RB depth its not a bad deal. It is a big gamble on Freeman and Mixons front line though.