Mixon/Hilton or Bell/Golliday?

.5 PPR. Was offered Mixon and TY Hilton for Lev Bell and Golliday.
Current RB: Bell, Conner, Gordon, Ingram, D. Montgomery, J. White, J. Jackson, Hines
Current WR: K. Allen, AJ Green, Golliday, ARob, Fitz, Allison, Coutee, Moncrief, J. Washington, Sutton, D. Hamilton, Stills

If it matters, I’ve got 7 picks in the top 20 next year too.

Had Luck not retired I would say take it without a doubt. There is some uncertainty with TY for the moment as Beef Brisket gets adjusted to driving full time.

Though with Mixon you have a good core for RBs if Gordon gets a good trade. Tough call, but I lean towards taking it.