Mixon & Hockenson for Ertz?

RBs: K. Johnson, A. Jones, Mixon, Ekeler, M. Brown, Singletary
WR: Thomas, Evans, Woods, Chark, J. Brown.
TE: Hock, Herndon

Would really like to go get an RB1 but after losing Dissly, I could use some TE help. Doubt the Ertz owner takes it but mind throwing it out there. What do you think?

Any opinions?

If there willing to do that why not. Mixon has the potential but that Oline is just not able to give him any room to operate

I would not expect an accept of that offer

But throw it out there. Worst they can say is no.

Yeah, definitely not expecting an accept, but Can’t hurt

Based off that roster, would you go after Ertz, or after Davante Adams to bulk up my receivers for a potential trade for an RB1?

I don’t think anyone is selling an RB1 for Adams or Ertz. Don’t outsmart yourself.

Ertz is a good trade target with a possible blow up week that you can profit from. What does the team with Ertz need?

He really needs rb depth and could use some serious help at receiver. The plan with Adams is if he came back healthy and produced well, if I got at a low price at least, I could maybe flip Evans and another piece for an rb1 hopefully