Mixon - Hockenson/Montgomery Trade...please Help!

I’m in a full ppr league and have started the year off 4-0. Looking for an upgrade at TE.

I was just offered Monty, Hockenson, J. Meyers for Mixon, A. Robinson, J. Cook.

I’m solid at WR (DJ Moore, Jefferson, Lockett, C. Davis), but my other RBs would be Kamara, Hines, Mitchel, Bolden, R. Jones until Montgomery is back. 3wr league.

Please help, I’m leaning towards doing it…but is that worth the TE upgrade?

Just a hunch, but I have a feeling Mixon is going to miss a couple of weeks too. So I would take the trade and try to ride out those extra few weeks waiting for Montgomery to come back and get that TE upgrade because of how rough and inconsistent that position is. I also don’t see Robinson bouncing back this year so don’t think losing him will be a big deal and gets rid of that headache for you.