Mixon / Keenan Allen Trade

Full PPR

Discussing a trade with a leaguemate and an interesting one came up…

Joe Mixon + DJ Moore
Keenan Allen + D.Parker

Im the Mixon owner

My RBs: Jacobs, CEH, Robinson, Mixon, Mostert
My WRs: Ridley, McLaurin, DJ Moore, Diontae Johnson

I know Im selling low but am I selling toooo low? Im somewhat confident Mixon will bounce back but I have no faith that Moore becomes a reliable WR2 rest of season. Im not sure what to think about Allen because he does this every year before disappearing… but was that more a product of Rivers or Allen himself?


I think you’re selling too low. You don’t really need receivers like that either.

I wound not do that deal. If you lose Mixon you will be low in RBs. It’s not clear when Mostert is coming back.