Mixon limited with the knee again

Hard sell or hold and see? Gio unavailable

That’s a tough spot, I’d probably hold, but try to get a hold of gio.
Someone actually dropped Gio in my league so I placed a claim in hopes of blocking the other contenders.

I’m fairly deep at RB with Gordon, Cook, Jones, Cohen as my other guys, good at the other positions but given his schedule I was hoping for a few more RB1 games from him to close out the year, especially the playoff matchups.

Was wondering if I should try and get Kerryon back for Mixon? I swapped Kerryon for Jones last week. Didn’t expect the volume for KJ, love Jones but was gutted I gave up Kerryon… right process etc but still

They could just be resting him to be cautious…the only two playmakers on that offense is Mixon and Boyd so they cant afford to have another person go down

Very true and there isn’t anything solid out there yet as to why he was limited. Will have to monitor but it is slightly concerning as it’s out of the blue and he’s not had scheduled rest days until now so seems odd to have one all of a sudden…

Ya it’s always good to be a bit cautious given Mixon prior health. However, as a Mixon owner I’m starting him with full confidence