Mixon & Lynch for Bell?

Full PPR, Bell owner said he is interested in dealing him. Would you send Mixon & Lynch for Lev Bell? I already have David Johnson & Melvin Gordon at RB so I can stand to wait for Bell.

I would take the risk. That would be 3 Top 10 backs when Bell comes back. I love Mixon tho thats the only hard part about this entire trade. But i would still take the risk

Do it. As much as I love Mixon, that was vs one of the worst defenses and a QB who hasn’t played an NFL game in 2 years. The game script won’t always been that good where they can afford to hand the rock off that many times.

Full Disclosure: I am pretty low on Lynch given how horrible that defense is. I expect game scripts to be bad.

I wouldn’t at this point. Bell’s agent is talking about him holding out longer to maintain his future value and Connor looked legit. You may literally be trading for no return for several weeks.