Mixon/McLaurin for D.Adams offer?

What do you guys think about this offer? The Adams owner is really week at RB
My other wr: Thielen, Woods, Gordon, Anderson, Hardman(who I might drop for Djax) and Gallup

Who are your RB’s? Can you get a low level RB in return as well?

My rbs are Mixon, Connor, Michel, Sanders and Tevin Coleman unfortunately, his rbs are Samuels Freeman and Duke Johnson I’ve been shopping woods and Thielen in a package deal to try and get an ungraded on RB but the guys in my league are stingy

Yeah given your RB’s I think you would be fairly weak after giving up Mixon. I don’t mind the actual trade itself at all I just think you’d need a RB in return as well.

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Yea I definitely agree with you, I’m still looking to upgrade at RB before we because I have a lot of them. I tried to trade Mark Andrews and Connor for Barkley but the owner never answered and even Woods and Mixon for Gordon but no answer again. In your opinion with my team who would be someone I can target in a package deal?

Well I think you have three awesome options this week that have been underperforming that can have a big game. Mixon/Conner/Michel. I would say you’ll have a lot more options for trading once this week’s game are played. Whoever has a blow up game, target someone who’s RB may have had a slump or who has been underperforming. For instance, maybe the David Johnson owner is getting frustrated or the Bell owner. I don’t think you’ll be able to get Kamara/Zeke/Cook/etc unless you give up too much. I would package one of those three plus a WR for a bigger name RB whos been underperforming.

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Thanks for the advice, I was having a lot of trouble figuring out the value of my guys who were all great last year but off to a slow start this year