Mixon needs surgery

Just a PSA everyone grab bernard

He MIGHT need arthroscopic surgery. He’s getting a second opinion before any decision is made. Concerning but hardly the raging barn fire your post suggests.

Just dropped Bernard wednesday, lol.

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too bad he is on waivers. Gonna probably be number 1 add from waivers after week 2

There is a report that a knee scope means there is a decent chance he tore his meniscus, which would mean 7 weeks. I agree there is a chance it isn’t a big deal, but concerining is downplaying it. Bernard is worth a large FAAB bid. Unfortunately will have to wait till next week.

2nd opinion is confirmation. How many times have you seen a guy say he is getting a 2nd opinion and then not getting a surgery?

I’m an owner and if he’s out 7 weeks I’d look for an Aaron Jones instead I don’t think Gio offers enough to be honest

UPDATE: per adam schefter there was a small piece of his knee that dislodged (sounds worse than it is) they are estimating a 2 week return with surgery scheduled on saturday. I would advise caution. It is a knee injury although minor it could hamper him all season

Damn, that’s too bad. He’s my RB2 but I have depth to cover the loss for a while. I suppose the most optimistic scenario is he only misses 1 game (@CAR) which wasn’t a great looking matchup anyways. Hopefully he gets back in time for the Atlanta game in Week 3 but probably Week 4 when they host the Dolphins. Of course we’ve seen arthroscopic surgeries with complications before (subsequent swelling if they come back too soon) so I’m guessing he actually misses 2-4 games.

I knew the fantasy gods would punish me somehow for capitalizing on James Conner. The Lev Bell owner sent bad juju my way : /